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What We Are and Why You Will Write for Us?

Write for Us: First, we hereby welcome you to our website, we are health “write for us” and we do works to publish those articles which is written by our guest contributor and experts on the topic of health, nutrition, medical, fitness, holistic health and wellness .

Be our guest contributor

We are finding some best, talented people that can help us to write content for health + “submit guest post”. We require those people who have huge passion of write about health related topic which is like nutrition, medical, fitness, wellness and some else . We only require those people who can do this works with full of research and best quality parameters which promotes the nutrition and health care community to be faster growing in between the world. So, if you one of those people who can works for us with their joy and happiness along with the best written skills, then we hereby invite you to contact with us and be our guest contributor.

Write for Us Health

Some Guest Positing Guidelines

Content’s Topic: – As we clear in above written statement we are only deals with only those topics which is written on the health, fitness, holistic health, medical and nutrient. So, it is cleared that all the content topic will be based on these specific subjects. Other things will become clears to you after you start to work for submit guest post + “fitness”.

Length of Articles: – the length of articles must be at least 1000 words or more then 1000 words.

Article quality: – This is the most important subject you need to keep in your mind and that is all articles should be informative and full of best contents and some related pictures given in the particular article. It must be looks like impressive and motivate our reader and visitors. You have to write all articles with the high standard of English and with the good grammar. Be casual and natural and write it with like fun and quite conversational.

Author’s Bio: – You are also advised to give some statement for the author’s bio inside the individual post which you will send to us. You can also add some picture which should be related to the author’s bio.

Avoid irrelevant links: – There is no irrelevant links are allowed to add in this post. Just add those links which is suitable for this.

Copyright of articles: – One of the important topics is this that you are permitted to use those articles to other website what you already give to us. Always check the quality parameters of articles by using of copyscape tool. Your articles should be 100% unique and have free from any plagiarism content.

Some examples of sponsored post: – you are allowed to look out some of those articles which are published sponsored post at below. It helps you to provide some best of picture quality.

Articles Promo: – For the promotion purpose, this article can be published at any of social networking site along with a link which helps to recognize the author of article.

Some Other Tips: –

All the details which are related with the formation of article are given at the upper paragraph. You need to follow it and do as per our commands. You have to check your content by a tool which helps to find the plagiarism content in your article. When you complete your article then send by mail [email protected] then our editing team staff we check your article and find the error if it occurs. So be sure that what article you will send to us that will be unique, perfectly formed and so impressive. This will helps to makes our website super in between of people and your service records and opportunity levels will get become higher and higher daily. So, we understand that now you get the perfect information about the how to write or submit those articles which are written on health, nutrition, wellness, medical and fitness related topics. So, now setup your mind and be ready to do health + “write for us” for a better future opportunity.

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