Urine Infection Symptoms and Treatment- Easy and Quick Healing!

Urine Infection Symptoms and Treatment
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Urine infection symptoms and treatmentThe excretionary system is one of the most crucial and principal organ systems of the body.  It is responsible for the filtering out of all the liquid waste products, by products and toxins from our blood stream.  But the excretionary system is also the organ system with which most people experience problems.  The most common of these is the infections of the urinary tract.  Urine infections can be very painful to handle leading to significant tingling, irritation and a burning sensation.  If not treated well urine infections can be dangerous to the body as the bloodstream will not be filtered well and toxins would remain inside. 

So Here is Some Important Information on Urine Infection Symptoms and Treatment.

The symptoms:

Urine infection symptoms and treatment is characterized by a variety of common symptoms such as these-

  • A burning sensation when you go the bathroom and urinate.

In all cases of urine infections, you will experience a burning tingling sensation in your urethra which is very uncomfortable.

  • Increasing pressure and pain in the lower abdominal area.

Urine infections also lead to pain and stressing of the abdominal area near the urinary bladder.

  • In some cases, feeling feverish and experiencing chills is a symptom of urine infection as well. This is usually an indication that the infection is progressing toward your kidneys and serious treatment should be applied.
  • Frequent trips to the toilet.

During a urine infection, you constantly feel the need to go to the toilet and relieve yourself.

  • Passing small amounts of urine at a time.

Despite frequent trips to the toilet, you can only pass small amounts of urine at a time and still feel like your bladder is full.

  • Changes in the appearance of urine- cloudy, dark, smelly , bloody

Urine in case of infections is cloudy, unclear, has a distinctive smell and can even be bloody if the infection progresses a lot.

Urine Infection Symptoms and Treatment- Easy and Quick Healing!

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The Treatments:

Urine Infection Symptoms and treatments, after recognizing the symptoms urine infection is fairly treatable, even at home.  Here are some of the treatments that help subside urine infections-

  • Dosages of anti-biotic.

Anti biotic is a great way to relieve yourself of the infections bodies in the system and subside during infection.  This

  • Cranberry juice helps fight UTI’s very fast.
  • A large amount of fluids when consumed drain out and the infection from your body.
  • Going off of iron : You should avoid iron rich foods when trying to prevent and treat a UTI.
  • Practicing more hygienic when it comes to your underwear and washing practices after going to the toilet also helps prevent any further aggravation to the infection.


Urine infection symptoms and treatment can help you identify and treat infections of the urinary tract. You be experienced tingling, burning, trouble trying to pass urine, it can be treated through antibiotics, large amount of fluids and hygienic practices.

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