Triclosan- An Ingredient in Toothpaste Increases the Risks of Colon Cancer

Triclosan An Ingredient in Toothpaste Increases the Risks of Colon Cancer
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A plethora of reasons can cause colon cancer in humans. Studies have shown that factors such as age, diseases (hereditary and inflammatory bowel syndrome), and lifestyle-associated factors like Obesity, Physical inactivity, Smoking, Alcohol consumption and improper diet can amplify the risk of colon cancer.

Not only disease, lifestyle or diet, but even the choice of your toothpaste can also increase the risk of colon cancer. As per recent research, reported in Translational Medicine, a majority of hand soaps and toothpaste comprise of triclosan, an antibacterial and anti-fungal agent, which is responsible for causing inflammation and cancer. The results of this study directly link triclosan with poor gut health and colon cancer.

Study: Take a Sneak Peek

Colon Inflammation:

During the research conducted by the world’s finest scientific minds, mice were fed with food containing various concentrations of triclosan. After the completion of three weeks, it was observed that an increased exposure to triclosan causes colon inflammation in mice. Even when low doses of chemicals have been administered, such an effect persists.

Increased Tumor size:

A high percentage of triclosan was found to increase the size of the tumor leading to lower chances of survival in rodents suffering from colon cancer. Further, studies were carried out to evaluate the effect of triclosan on human gut health, and to find the extent of vulnerability of individuals with IBD or colon cancer.

These factual results indicate that use of products containing triclosan should be cut down in order to have good gut health, hence lower possibilities of colon cancer.

Colon Cancer Treatments in India

Despite taking a lot of precautions (which may include the use of triclosan-free products), colon cancer is a growing problem in India. In fact, colorectal cancer stands fourth in men and third in women with respect to incidence and mortality rates in India. To fight such alarming statistics, early diagnosis and availability of appropriate infrastructure, medical equipment and medical expertise to perform the treatment are absolutely necessary. India houses one of the best medical facilities that is manned by the top-grade surgeons and doctors who can execute colon cancer treatment protocol with absolute precision.

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Treatments protocols including, surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormonal or biological therapy, local ablative therapy are the available colon cancer treatments in india. In many cases, these methods can be used in combination to treat colon cancer patients. The type of procedure used depends on the stage, nature, age and health condition of the patient.

Final word:

One must practice using triclosan-free products (whether in toothpaste or soap) to cut down the risks of colon cancer to a minimum. However, in case, the symptoms arise, consulting a health professional capable of offering various types of colon cancer treatments in India is deemed imperative.

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