Laboratory increases by 1400% price of medicine a

Laboratory increases by 1400% price of medicine against cancer

American Pharmaceuticals has increased from 50 to over $ 700 tablet price of 100 milligrams of medicine against brain tumor

laboratory of Florida faces a media nightmare since the American press revealed that after purchase the license of an old drug against an aggressive brain tumor , the company increased by 1 400% its price: $ 50 per pill for more than 700.

NextSource Biotechnology, an unknown laboratory based in Miami , purchased the license of Bristol-Myers Squibb’s lomustine drug in 2013. According to a Wall Street Journal investigation published on Dec. 25, the company raised the price of the 100 milligram tablet, which was sold for about $ 50 to $ 768, marketed it in the United States under the name Gleostine .

The lomustine patent – formerly known as CeeNU or CCNU – has expired , and does not have a generic equivalent. It is a chemotherapeutic drug developed more than 40 years ago to treat glioblastoma , an aggressive brain tumor.

The publication of the WSJ article has sparked a wave of accusations of “corporate greed” on social networks and an open letter from a Miami-Dade County Democratic activist association requiring a judicial investigation into NextSource for “price speculation and anticompetitive practices “.

The pharmaceutical attorney , Joseph DeMaria, told AFP that will ask for public apology and does not rule out report WSJ and activists for libel. DeMaria said that NextSource produces other smaller, and therefore more economical, doses of the tablet.

“It’s true that the company has a $ 700 tablet, but they are not telling you that the average price of all the pills the company sells is just over $ 400,” he said. The lawyer also argued that the company should pay two million dollars a year to the United States drug agency, the FDA, and that the cost of lomustine’s raw material increased 30 percent.

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