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Astronomical calendar: The unmissable celestial events of 2018

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The year will have a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse visible here in Brazil, in addition to several meteor showers. Learn how to observe The year has already begun with a special celestial spectacle: a supermoon (an event that occurs when the Moon is at the point of its closest trajectory to the Earth and looks much […]

Black holes control star formation, study says

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Study provides first observational evidence that the amount of stars in a galaxy depends on the mass of the black hole in the center of the latter In young galaxies , stars form at an accelerated rate. But as the galaxy evolves, the new stars stop appearing. Until now, astronomers have never been able to fully comprehend this phenomenon – although they […]

January will have one more visible superplain in the whole Brazil

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The phenomenon is the second of the type in the month – the star may appear up to 30% larger and 14% brighter than normal Another superlum is coming to light up the skies of January – this time, on the 31st, last day of the month. The same phenomenon also appeared on the night of January 1, […]

Laboratory increases by 1400% price of medicine against cancer

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American Pharmaceuticals has increased from 50 to over $ 700 tablet price of 100 milligrams of medicine against brain tumor A laboratory of Florida faces a media nightmare since the American press revealed that after purchase the license of an old drug against an aggressive brain tumor , the company increased by 1 400% its price: $ 50 per pill for more than […]

Snow Covers Part Of The Sahara Desert in Algeria

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The phenomenon is the result of a rare mass of icy air that hit the region It snowed in the Sahara Desert on Sunday. The rare phenomenon happened in Algeria , around the city of Ain Sefra, and resulted in beautiful photos, which surprised surfers around the world. In some records, the white surface divides space with the reddish sand. In […]

6 Ways to Lose Weight without Exercise

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According to a new study, about 2.2 billion people are suffering from obesity worldwide. This number continues to grow steadily. It is leading to various health problems and even deaths. Weight loss is significant as it can help to curb many health problems like high blood pressure, strokes, diabetes, back pain and various other heart […]