Eight Dead In Legionnaires’ Outbreak In New York City

According to a USAtoday post, death toll caused by an outbreak of disease Legionnaires in New York has reached to eight. According to the declared report by health officials in the city, 92 people have been admitted in hospitals with this disease. Around 50 out of these patients have been released after successful treatment. Legionnaires’ Outbreak is basically caused by severe condition of bacterial pneumonia.

Health officials had also traced main source of this outbreak. They tested 17 cooling towers in South Bronx and found five of them positive for this bacterial infection. These towers are Lincoln Hospital, Streamline Plastic Co., the Concourse Plaza, a Verizon office building and the Opera House Hotel. All these five towers have also been disinfected and are in regular monitoring to control possible infection. Health officials have also asked the concern authorities related to those sites for submitting their plans to protect existing cooling towers from these bacteria.

According to a report by Health Department, this disease will not spread from person touching an infected patient. This one may spread by inhaling bacterial infected water. This has been judged by the collection of reports made by investing all these infected sites. Most Legionnaires’ cases found were connected to existing plumbing systems. All these plumbing systems were having conditions favorable for bacteria’s growth.

Thus, to have healthy life, we need to keep check on existing whirlpool spas, humidifiers, hot tubs, hot-water tanks, evaporative condensers of large air-conditioning systems and cooling towers. Remember, cleanness is the basis step for good health. Mind all these plumbing systems to make your family and neighborhood safe from Legionnaires’ Outbreak.